Where to find vegan breakfast and brunch in Knoxville (as of July 2024)

Breakfast casserole from Potluck Cafe

Going out for breakfast or brunch as a vegan can be a real challenge. Luckily Knoxville has a growing number of restaurants offering one or more vegan options. Here are the places we would suggest that you check out:

Potchke Deli

Potchke, a Jewish deli and kosher restaurant in downtown Knoxville that began as a pop-up in 2022, has made national news: Along with 46 other restaurants, Potchke was included in the 2024 USA TODAY Restaurants of the year list.

Located in a former coffee shop in what’s now an office building, the restaurant maintains an atmosphere inspired by the nostalgia of Jewish retirees who made their way to Miami in the ‘60s and ‘70s. That means lots of vibrant colors to reflect South Beach style.

We recommend the Avo Tartine (pictured), the Hebrew Hero, or the Rip n’ Dip (which can be made vegan). Don’t forget a delicious latte or cappuccino with oat milk!

Visit Potchke’s website

Potluck Cafe

Potluck Café brings together the culinary traditions of France and the Southeastern US, creating a menu that is unique, but comforting. Chef Lanie serves a rotating menu of savory and sweet brunch options, and always has something vegan-friendly.

Dine in their new home (formerly a standalone on Broadway) inside @pretentiousbeerco, Thursday 3-8, Friday 3-10, Sat 11-10 (brunch/dinner) Sun 11-8 (brunch all day).

See website for catering.

The Tomato Head

For a place that’s usually so veg-friendly, The Tomato Head doesn’t exactly make it easy for vegans at brunch—though if you aren’t afraid to ask for a few substitutions (and you shouldn’t be!), there are some great options.

When I go, I usually get the Eva huevos rancheros with “soysage” and substitute potatoes for the eggs, vegan cheese for regular, and nix the crema. You can take a similar approach to any of the other huevos rancheros, one of the burritos, or even one of the egg sandwiches (my favorite is the Eula). As a former Tomato Head server myself, I can promise that if you ask your server to help you make a few vegan substitutions, they’ll be happy to oblige.

Three Rivers Market Co-op

Located in Happy Holler, Three Rivers’ hot bar, to-go case, and deli are a great place to grab a vegan meal. Hot bar menu is posted on their website daily, and almost always has a vegan option. Some of our favorite finds are the biscuits (sometimes with gravy, sometimes as a sandwich with sausage or tofu), the tofu (or chorizo) scramble burritos, and their incredible popcorn tofu!

Hours and menu here

Frothy Monkey

The most notable vegan brunch option is the BE Hive Bowl: BE Hive vegan breakfast sausage sautéed with butternut squash, tomatoes, basil, and onions on a bed of kale and topped with sprouts and vegan garlic mozz.

For a lunchier side of brunch, try the Quinoa & Black Bean Burger, with a house-made black bean and quinoa patty, tomato, lettuce, BE-Hive vegan garlic mozz and avocado mash on a grilled bun.

Frothy Monkey


Another veg-friendly local favorite with a few options for brunch is Sunspot. They have an avocado toast with cashew parmesan, and a hearty tofu grain bowl.

There are a few other places, like Holly’s Gourmet’s Market, where you can get a very nice bowl of oatmeal made with soymilk and fresh strawberries, but that about does it for the more substantial fare. 

If we’re missing somewhere great, please let us know where you love to go for breakfast and brunch.


Heather Mount

Heather went vegan in 2016 after watching the Netflix documentary Vegucated. They and their partner, Daniel, live in North Knoxville and enjoy hiking, biking, and exploring local restaurants. Heather is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns. Heather is the Associate Creative Director at the Good Food Institute, a non-profit think tank working to make the global food system better for the planet, people, and animals. Heather contributes to Knox Vegan by managing the website, with their photography, and by sharing updates on our social feeds.
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