Looking for a Vegan Wedding Cake in Knoxville?


Knoxville may be a great place for a vegan to go out for beer and pizza, but how about a vegan wedding? 

Wedding are never simple, and being vegan doesn’t exactly make them any easier. The cake is the most obvious challenge—all that buttercream icing is definitely not vegan-friendly. Until a few days ago, I didn’t know of anyone locally who made vegan wedding cakes. Luckily, that changed!

After reaching out to a few people, I found several sources in Knoxville for vegan wedding cakes.

The first is Cheryl McMillan, who you can contact through her website, Cheryl McMillan Cake Design. Don’t miss the cake gallery!

Everything Iced Cupcakes & More offers several types of vegan cakes and FOUR types of vegan icings, so they’re definitely leading the pack if you’re an icing-first kind of person.

You can also contact is Regina Long, the cake designer at B&G All Occasion Catering. I was referred to her by Karen Knapp of KJ Cookies, who got her own wedding cake from Regina. Karen’s cake wasn’t vegan, but she did confirm with Regina that she does vegan cakes.

A commenter pointed out that the super fudge cake with chocolate fudge frosting at VG’s Bakery is vegan, and they also have vegan vanilla thumbprint cookies.

A source inside Magpies Bakery told me that the devil’s food cake is vegan, though I don’t think they offer any vegan icings and the “All Butter All the Time” motto indicates that it may not be a priority. Still, you could probably get an un-iced devil’s food for a groom’s cake, for example, and ice it yourself. 

If you’re interested in alternative cakes (such as cookies or cupcakes), there are a few more places you can turn. Sugar Mama’s Bakery does vegan cookies, for example.

Scrumps Cupcakes lists vegan options on their website, though they haven’t responded yet to confirm what vegan products they offer (FYI, they do full-size cakes as well as cupcakes).

Local favorite among the gluten-free set Benefit Your Life has a number of vegan options, including chocolate cake, cupcakes, cookies, and pies.

Finally, Hillside Bakery lists vegan cakes on their website and I’ve reached out to learn more. I’ll update this post when they get back to me!

Several people I spoke to (like Karen) said they were interested in exploring vegan baking, but either hadn’t had the time or didn’t know if there was a market for it. The more demand there is for vegan options, the more people will offer them—so don’t be afraid to ask!

If you know of anyone in the Knoxville area who does vegan wedding cakes,  please let me know. I would love to add them to this list. 


Stacy Shepanek

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